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Episodes: 15

1. The (Very) Big Bird Job

When a shipping CEO’s cost-cutting measures result in a plane crash, the Leverage team cons him into buying the largest plane ever built – the Spruce Goose – in order to expose him before a merger is completed that would put more lives at risk.


Timothy Hutton

Nathan Ford

Gina Bellman

Sophie Devereaux

Christian Kane

Eliot Spencer

Beth Riesgraf


Aldis Hodge

Alec Hardison

Jeri Ryan

Tara Cole
Tara Carlisle

Mark Sheppard

Jim Sterling

Robert Blanche

Detective Captain Bonanno

Elisabetta Canalis

The Italian

Gerald Downey

FBI Agent McSweeten

Rick Overton

FBI Agent Taggert

Danny Bruno

Agent Bob

Val Landrum

Detective Grayson

Paul Blackthorne

Tony Kadjic

Richard Kind

Mayor Bradford Culpepper III

Diego Velazquez

Young Nathan Ford

Katie O’Grady

Special Agent Amy Nevins

Alex Carter

Sterling's Henchman

Wil Wheaton

Colin Mason

Goran Visnjic

Damien Moreau

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