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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord



Episodes: 10

1. Head Priest

Diablo, Shera, and Rem head out to the plains to test out new magic. While using said Flight Magic, Diablo spots the light of magic energy rising up from deep within the forest, so he makes haste towards its source. However, his spell gives out half way, and he goes plummeting down! When he lands, he finds the Head Priest, Lumachina under attack from the Paladin, Gewalt.


Masaaki Mizunaka

Sakamoto Takuma

Atsumi Tanezaki


Azumi Waki

Rem Galeu

Yu Serizawa

Shera L. Greenwood

Yumi Hara

Alicia Crystella

Rumi Okubo


Sayaka Senbongi

Celestine Baudelaire

Emiri Kato


Ryotaro Okiayu

Emile Bichelberger

Akira Ishida

Keera L Greenwood

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