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Episodes: 52

1. Perfect

Bluey's Father's Day card has to be perfect but she can't decide what to draw! So Mum reminds her about all the fun times she's had with Dad and how he's not so perfect either.


Dave McCormack

Bandit Heeler (Voice)

Melanie Zanetti

Chilli Heeler (voice)

Brad Elliott

Pat (voice)

Charlotte Stent

Chloe (voice)
Judo (voice)
Chloe / Judo (voice)

Dan Brumm

Uncle Stripe (voice)

Myf Warhurst

Aunt Trixie (voice)
Indy's Mum (voice)

Jack Simmons

Mackenzie (voice)

Megan Washington

Calypso (voice)

Samson Hyland

Snickers (voice)

Chris Brumm

Nana (voice)

Daley Pearson

Rocko (voice)
Cinema Counter Dog (voice)
Poffertje Dog (voice)

Rich Jeffery

Mackenzie's Dad (voice)

Emily Taheny

Wendy (voice)

Leigh Sales

Ice Cream Lady (voice)
Bella (voice)

Hamish Blake

Jack's Dad (voice)
Employee (voice)

Beth Durack

Wendy (voice)

Joff Bush

Busker (voice)
Chew B'Deube (voice)

Francis Stanton

Frank (voice)

Kelly Butler

Doreen (voice)

Hsiao-Ling Tang

Chloe's Mum (voice)
Bella (voice)

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