Meteor Garden



Episodes: 31

1. MG II Episode 1

After graduating from the Ying De University, F4 decided to go Spain for their holiday destination. Shan Cai agreed to come with them after having an argument with Dao Ming Si. Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si landed to Spain without the F3, who decided to stay in Taiwan instead. In Spain, Dao Ming Si opened the letter that Hua Zhe Lei handed to him back in Taiwan. The letter suggest him to go to a church in Barcelona and ask to Shan Cai to marry him. Dao Ming Si decided to buy her a ring and propose in the church. Unfortunately, he met an accident and lost his consciousness while he was on way to the church.


Jerry Yan Cheng-Xu

Dao Ming Si

Barbie Hsu

Shan Cai

Rainie Yang

Xiao You

Vic Chou

Hua Ze Lei

Ken Chu

Xi Men

Vanness Wu

Mei Zuo

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