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Episodes: 26

1. Welcome to "The World"

Haseo's entrance into The World is marked by a hostile attack – and a crushing defeat. His adventure appears to be over before it started until a mysterious stranger gives him new life.

2. Twilight Brigade

His search for information about his mysterious savior leads to an invitation for Haseo to join Ovan’s guild.

3. Join

Rumors being spread about Haseo lead to attacks against him. Invitations to join two separate guilds intrigue him, but an encounter with Shino will influence his choice.

4. Fore Feel

Haseo embarks on a journey through the game on a quest to level up, Sakisaka grows suspicious, and Tabby meets an untimely end.

5. Distrust

Haseo is suspected of acting as a spy, putting him at odds with the Twilight Bridgade. His actions after the falling out only serve to further implicate him.

6. Conflict

Concerns over Sakisaka’s loyalty arise, The World experiences technical difficulties, and Haseo unveils a few new tricks.

7. Intrigue

Strange occurrences plague The World as Haseo wanders the Lost Grounds. Later, a group exploration leads to shocking new knowledge and a sudden disappearance!

8. Starting

The group stumbles upon a portal, Haseo shares an encounter with Ender, and more is learned about the virus cores.

9. Melee

While attempting to collect all the Virus Cores, the Twilight Brigade is attacked by adversaries – and relocated to a mysterious, unknown area.

10. Missing

Ovan wanders into a trap while searching for the Key of Twilight. Shino, in an attempt to secure Ovan’s release, makes a bold threat!

11. Discord

Gord gives serious thought to leaving The World for good, and the administrators take serious action against some online outlaws.

12. Breakup

The Twilight Brigade is forcibly disbanded, Gord finally arrives at a decision regarding his involvement in The World, and Haseo makes a vow to Shino.

13. Tragedy

Tabby has some shocking news for Haseo, and Shino’s precious data beings to disappear.

14. Unreturner

Haseo is devastated about his inability to prevent Shino from falling into a comatose state. Tabby has plans for a new guild, but its lack of members is troubling.

15. Pad

Tabby encounters two players who are new to The World. Later, she learns the secrets to leveling up, and Haseo embarks on a quest for revenge.

16. Resolution

Phyllo attempts to comfort Haseo, who continues to agonize over his comatose friend. A dangerous new quest – and the promise of newfound power – tempts Haseo.

17. Painful Forest

Tabby’s been worried about Haseo since his departure to the Forest of Pain. She expresses her concern to Subaro, who is instructed by Pi to follow Haseo into the forest. Meanwhile, Yata and Pi prod Phyllo for information about his relationship with Ovan.

18. Limit

Tabby is still struggling with her inability to help Haseo in the Forest of Pain. In the forest, Haseo grows frustrated with the ever-growing amount of monsters he must fight before going deeper, but his quest for more power may be his downfall.

19. Violation

Tawaraya returns unde the moniker “Tohta” to discover a gang of money traders has been flooding the market, creating high inflation. Despite his quest for secrecy, Tohta can’t stand back and let the money traders fleece innocent players, and decides to intervene.

20. Pursuit

As Haseo’s search for information about Tri-Edge continues, his sanity begins to slip away, and in a murderous rage he kills several PKs. Yata and Pi are still on the hunt for Haseo’s factor. They send Subaro to retrieve it, but she can’t overcome Haseo’s manic strength.


Takumi Yamazaki

AI Harald
Harald Hoerwick (voice)

Megumi Toyoguchi


Kaori Nazuka


Isshin Chiba

Silver Knight
White Knight (voice)
Silver Knight (voice)

Hiroshi Yanaka

Sora (voice)

Shin-ichiro Miki

Crim (voice)

Rie Tanaka

Morganna (voice)

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Balmung of the Azure Sky (voice)

Atsuko Enomoto

A-20 (voice)

Mitsuki Saiga

An Shouji (voice)

Sara Nakayama

Kao (voice)

Kazuhiro Nakata


Akiko Hiramatsu


Masako Katsuki


Takahiro Sakurai


Junpei Takiguchi


Sanae Kobayashi


Hiroki Touchi


Ryotaro Okiayu


Maaya Sakamoto

Aura (voice)

Questions and answers

Where can I watch .hack?
You can watch .hack on Tubi TV.
Is .hack available on Netflix?
Is .hack on Netflix? No, this show is not available on Netflix in the US.
What is the plot of .hack?
.hack follows several young players as they navigate the vast, mysterious MMORPG known as “The World” – a place, it turns out, that is sometimes impossible to leave.
How many episodes is .hack?
There are 64 episodes and 3 seasons of .hack.
Is .hack series finished?
Yes, .hack series is finished. 3. season was the last one.
Who is in the cast of .hack?
.hack cast is including:
Takumi Yamazaki as Yata (26 episodes), Megumi Toyoguchi as Tabby (26 episodes), Kaori Nazuka as Subaru (26 episodes), Isshin Chiba as Silver Knight (26 episodes), Hiroshi Yanaka as Sora (26 episodes), Shin-ichiro Miki as Crim (26 episodes), Rie Tanaka as Morganna (26 episodes), Nobuyuki Hiyama as Balmung (38 episodes), Atsuko Enomoto as A-20 (26 episodes), Mitsuki Saiga as Tsukasa (26 episodes), Sara Nakayama as Kaochin (26 episodes), Kazuhiro Nakata as Bear (26 episodes)
What is .hack season 3 about?
In the newest version of the massive online RPG know as “The World,” Haseo and his guild mates search for a legendary item called the Key of the Twilight—but they’re not the only ones looking for it. When a rival guild faces off against Haseo and his teammates, the conflict has deep repercussions both inside and outside the game, and threatens to leave the players forever changed.

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