Flint: The Time Detective



Episodes: 39

1. Hammerhead Rock

The first episode of the series where Petra Fina and the gang arrived from the Stone Age year and tries to capture the first Time Shifter named Getalong, and there they meet the prehistoric caveboy named Flint Hammerhead and his father Rocky Hammerhead (in human form).

2. Jitterbug

This is the first mission of Flint, Sarah and Tony as time detectives. The team are sent back to the 2nd century A.D. Japan to retrieve and rescue the Time Shifter Jitterbug. On arrival, the group help Queen Himiko of Yamatai and her sister Nashimi to restore order after Petra Fina and her gang overthrew them and took them as prisoners.

3. Eldora

The team heads back to 16th century South America in order to rescue the Time Shifter Eldora. Upon arriving, they are captured by Spanish Conquistadors and end up as prisoners where they try to extract the location of the Golden Condor from them. In help of the leader's only son named Lucas, they escape and aim to help a group of ancient Incas to return to their village and to prevent further attacks from the Conquistador who are revealed to be acting under Petra Fina's orders.

4. Talen

The team is sent back to the Heian Period of Japan (794 A.D.) in search of the Time Shifter Talen. After confronting the villains, Petra Fina and Flint are dragged into the tale of Princess Kaguya as Talen attempts to escape. Within the story, Flint befriends Talen (who disguises herself as the titular Princess Kaguya) and all three eventually escape the story. Petra Fina subsequently captures Talen and Flint must fight to rescue his new friend.

5. Mosbee

The team is sent back to Russia in 1812 to search for the Time Shifter Mosbee. There they encounter the invading forces of the First French Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as Mosbee who ends up being brainwashed by Petra Fina. Petra Fina secures the loyalty of Napoleon and his forces after using Mosbee-Con to freeze their Russian opponents. Flint must fight Mosbee-Con and restore order. A mysterious character also makes a first appearance to help Flint. Upon Mosbee being free, Napoleon decides that Russia is too cold to invade and has his forces retreat back to France.

6. Coconaut

The team goes back to the year 1492 to look for the Time Shifter Coconaut, where they find themselves pressed into service for the famous explorer Christopher Columbus upon being fished out of the ocean by his crew. Coconaut is revealed to be assisting Columbus in his navigation. Petra Fina uses this fact to inspire distrust for Columbus amongst the crew and also to steal Coconaut and take command of the fleet where she plans to rename America as Petra-Merica. After escaping from abandonment on a desert island, Flint and his friends rush to set things straight and free Coconaut.

7. Bubblegum

Travelling back to Japan in 1582 (during the Azuchi-Momoyama Period) in search of the Time Shifter Bubblegum, the team arrives at Azuchi Castle, where they find Bubblegum in the companionship of Oda Nobunaga and his attendant Mori Ranmaru (who is portrayed as being female in the series). When Petra Fina and her gang attack the castle and brainwash Bubblegum, the heroes and Nobunaga are subdued in battle, only to be rescued by Ranmaru and Coconaut-Master. Together the group fights Bubblegum-Con to thwart Petra Fina's plan.

8. Lynx

The team is sent back to Ancient Egypt (323 B.C.) to search for the Time Shifter Lynx. On arriving, the group find Lynx under the command of Petra Fina who styles herself as a Queen. When Flint is brainwashed by Lynx, Tony and Sarah engage Lynx in a game of riddles and beat him by using the Riddle of the Sphinx, breaking Petra Fina's spell. With the aid of Bubblegum-Master, Flint confronts Lynx-Con.

9. Artie

The team is sent back to mid 19th century Paris in France to search for the Time Shifter Artie. At the same time, Petra Fina receives a portrait of the Dark Lord. On arriving they find Artie in the company of a young Auguste Rodin, who has been using Artie's powers to animate his drawings. When Petra Fina and her gang arrive and brainwash Artie, Flint (with the peculiar "help" of Lynx) takes on Artie-Con.

10. Go Getalong

Plotting to capture Getalong from the Time Detectives and use her power to be married to the Dark Lord, Petra Fina and her henchman set up a trap for Flint, Sarah and Tony in Baghdad in the year 1539, misleading them into searching for a Time Shifter. There they are caught, but end up engaging in battle with the cat form of Petra Fina's Catamaran, which is defeated with the help of Getalong.

11. Batterball

The time detective team travelled back in the year 1956, where they encounter the Time Shifter Batterball and the young, rude, and cunning baseball player name Babe Ruth wherein he always uses Batterball for his prank plan on his bullies much to Tony's disappointment and confronts him to challenge to a real baseball game together with the troublemakers (which is Petra Fina and his henchmen).

12. Bindi

The Time Detectives had to go back to 15th century in Transylvania to retrieve another Time Shifter named "Bindi" which she is in the possession of Count Vlad Dracula or just simply Count Dracula which his fellow people in his villagers believed that he is actually a vampire. Upon meeting with Vlad Dracula, the mysterious guy who helped Sara in some episodes, revealed his identity as Merlock Holmes of the Time Bureau and assigned as undercover detective to observe Flint Hammerhead in his missions. In the end of this episode, Bindi choose to side with Merlock because of her faith to him and also because Flint already sees that she wants to go with Merlock rather than their team.

13. Caveman's Christmas

This is the only episode that Flint and the team travelled back in time not just one, but two. It started on Christmas Day where they will also meet a lonely young girl named Maria in ancient France in hopes of finding her missing mother and that is with the help of her own-believed angel which is the Time Shifter named Elfin (which he has an ability to turn anything into a toy). As Flint works to prevent the death of Maria's mother, they also must deal with Petra Fina even when she transforms Elfin to Elfin-Con. They defeat him with the help of Batterball-Master. Afterwards, Jillian Grey stated that tampering with history is illegal. Though she will overlook it.

14. Miss Iknow Makes a Housecall


15. The Cardians

The time detectives had to go back in the year 2000, where they have to find the group of Time Shifters named The Cardians. But upon reaching the timeline, Sara and Tony surprised that the time they've gone to is the time when their uncle Dr. Goodman is a teenager and likes to smoke a lot and that explains why he doesn't have a girlfriend up to now. While witnessing the heroic deeds of the Cardians, Flint also must deal with Petra Fina when she takes control of the Cardians. After being freed by Flint, the Cardians form Cardian-Master to fight with the cat form of Petra Fina's Catamaran.

16. Plumella


17. Wing


18. Bindi-Master

After Bindi runs away from Merlock upon being neglected, Petra Fina captures Bindi and manages to get Bindi under her control. Now Merlock and Flint must rescue Bindi from Petra Fina's control.

19. Moah

Upon arriving on what will be Easter Island, Flint's group finds the Time Shifter Moah helping the native children. When Petra Fina arrives and Flint fights off her attempts to Petra Stamp Moah, Petra Fina has Dino and Mite fire the Petra Stamp Missile which turns Moah into Moah-Con where he causes a volcanic eruption enough for Mosbee to be called in. After Moah is freed and Petra Fina is defeated, a tidal wave threatens the island which leads to Moah becoming Moah-Master where he jumps down on the ground enough to bring up the Moai that intercept the tidal wave.

20. Elekin



Mami Nakajima

Rei Shinguujin

Koji Ishii

Killua's father
Oda Nobunaga



Nana Mizuki

Sora Yamato

Chiaki Morita

Tokio Yamato

Masamichi Sato

Professor Yamato

Fumihiko Tachiki


Chinami Nishimura


Kappei Yamaguchi

Kyoichiro Narugami

Katsumi Suzuki


Toshiyuki Morikawa

Masked Man

Yumi Touma

Akira Aino



Hirohiko Kakegawa

Thomas Edison

Hiromi Ishikawa

Auguste Rodin

Hisao Egawa


Keiichi Nanba

Hans Christian Andersen

Mitsuaki Madono


Motoko Kumai

Marco Polo

Questions and answers

Where can I watch Flint: The Time Detective?
Unfortunately Flint: The Time Detective is not availabe to watch on any of the most popular streaming services in the US. If you have any information about the availibility, please let us know!
Is Flint: The Time Detective available on Netflix?
Is Flint: The Time Detective on Netflix? No, this show is not available on Netflix in the US.
What is the plot of Flint: The Time Detective?
Flint the Time Detective, known in Japan as Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun, is an animated Japanese television series directed by Hiroshi Fukutomi. It was based on a manga by Hideki Sonoda and Akira Yamauchi and was published by Kodansha in Japan. The anime aired from 1998 to 1999 in Japan and ran for 39 episodes. In USA Flint the Time Detective airs from March 5, 2000 until November 5, 2000. The series also aired in the Philippines via GMA 7 and dubbed in Filipino language which runs from late 2000 until mid-2001. Enoki Films and Sanrio hold the license to Flint the Time Detective.
How many episodes is Flint: The Time Detective?
There are 39 episodes and 1 season of Flint: The Time Detective.
Is Flint: The Time Detective series finished?
Yes, Flint: The Time Detective series is finished. 1. season was the last one.
Who is in the cast of Flint: The Time Detective?
Flint: The Time Detective cast is including:
Mami Nakajima as Rarudo (39 episodes), Koji Ishii as Killua's father (39 episodes), Yukiji as Genshi-kun (39 episodes), Nana Mizuki as Sora Yamato (39 episodes), Chiaki Morita as Tokio Yamato (39 episodes), Masamichi Sato as Professor Yamato (39 episodes), Fumihiko Tachiki as Ototan (39 episodes), Chinami Nishimura as Puu-chan (39 episodes), Kappei Yamaguchi as Kyoichiro Narugami (39 episodes), Katsumi Suzuki as Toki-G (39 episodes), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Masked Man (39 episodes), Yumi Touma as Akira Aino (39 episodes)
What is Flint: The Time Detective season 1 about?
Flint the Time Detective, known in Japan as Jikū Tantei Genshi-kun (時空探偵ゲンシクン, Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun), is an animated Japanese television series directed by Hiroshi Fukutomi. It was based on a manga by Hideki Sonoda and Akira Yamauchi and was published by Bros. Comics in Japan. A second manga by Bom Bom Comics was also produced and was released as a special promo for the anime. The anime aired from 1998 to 1999 in Japan and ran for 39 episodes.

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