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TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You



Episodes: 12

1. Marriage

Nasa Yuzaki was preparing for his high school entrance exams one snowy night when he spots a beautiful girl on the other side of the road. Feeling somewhat drawn to her, he walks towards the girl and is severely injured after getting run over by a truck. Despite hanging on for dear life, Nasa still walks over to the girl and knowing this may indeed be his last chance, confesses his feelings for her. She replies, “I’ll go out with you if you marry me.” Nasa immediately agrees but then loses consciousness. A few years later, he keeps busy at his part-time job, believing they’ll be reunited again someday. One day, someone randomly shows up at his doorstep. It happens to be the girl he shared that fateful encounter with.


Akari Kito

Tsukasa Yuzaki (voice)

Junya Enoki

Nasa Yuzaki (voice)

Yu Serizawa

Kaname Arisugawa (voice)

Sumire Uesaka

Aya Arisugawa (voice)

Konomi Kohara

Chitose Kaginoji (voice)

Yuki Nagaku

Aurora (voice)

Hitomi Ohwada

Charlotte (voice)

Masumi Asano

Kanoka Yuzaki (voice)

Takumu Miyazono

Announcer (voice)

Masashi Ebara

Enishi Yuzaki (voice)

Ryō Yaginuma

Wedding guest (voice)
Game character (voice)

Aya Hisakawa

Arisugawa's mother (voice)

Kanae Ito

Ms. Yanagi (voice)

Kenta Miyake

Ward office staff (voice)

Sakura Kawaguchi

Nursery school teacher (voice)

Shunzo Miyasaka

Truck driver (voice)

Umeka Shouji

Nasa Yuzaki (young) (voice)

Miyari Nemoto

Kindergarten girl (voice)

Aya Yamane

Reporter (voice)

Satsuki Miyoshi

Udon shop clerk (voice)

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