Kiddy Grade



Episodes: 24

1. Depth/Space

ES members Eclair and Lumiere are assigned by their commander, Eclipse, to escort Galatic Union (GU) Inspecter Armbrust to planet Medeia so that peaceful negotiations can begin between Medeia and planet Faunus. Faunus's corrupt space army stands in their way, and Eclair and Lumiere must all their fire power to defeat them!

2. Tight/Bind

Eclair and Lumiere join with ES members Alv and Dvergr to recover a stolen gravity control unit that could revolutionize the already-destructive Gravity Bomb. Unbeknownst to them, Armbrust stole the gravity unit in an attempt to capture a notorius arms dealer, who is then brought down by all four ES members!

3. Prisoner/Escort

Eclair and Lumiere are ordered to escort a couple of perps to prison. Their leader, Drake, is under the protection of a powerful organization, but betrayal is in the air when his rescue squad doubles as his executioner. Eclair saves Drake and punishes those who tried to kill him.

4. High/Speed

Eclair heads out on a solo mission to track down Foxy, who's been implanted with illegal strength enhancements. Foxy turns out to be good, and the two women combine their powers to take down the cyborgs who try and thwart Eclair's rescue attempt!

5. Day/Off

When Eclair is caught in the middle ofa gang war, she's recruited by one of the gangs to stop a child smuggling ring operated by the other. After rescuing Lumiere from smugglers, the two ES members bring both gangs down.

6. Twin/Star

Eclair and ES members Sinistra and Dextera help fellow GOTT operative Mrs. Padushka uncover the suspects behind a recent string of airplane burglaries. An intense battle ensues in the belly of a plane, but the ES members as usual kick butt and take names.

7. Trial/Child

Viola and Cesario help Eclair and Lumiere transport a young boy named Timothy to claim his inheritance: the exclusive ownership of a huge corporation! The Nobles aren't happy about this, but the four ES members help Timothy prove himself worthy of the Noble title.

8. Forbidden/Instrument

Eclair and Lumiere join forces with siblings Tweedledee and Tweedledum to uncover a smuggling ring that deals in planet-destroying missiles! When discovered, the smugglers activate one of the explosives in an attempt to destroy the evidence. It takes the full force of the ES team (plus Alv and Dvergr) to bring down these king missiles!

9. Mirage/Snare

Eclair and Lumiere are sent to investigate some mysterious disappearances on the planet Dardanos. They discover that the government has been secretly brainwashing people, and have killed the authorities who discovered the truth! Eclair destroys the transmitters, but they have a negative effect on her mind.

10. Rebirth/Slave

Eclair confronts her mental dark side, which taunts her with the knowledge that she will always be a killer! Later, she and Lumiere rescue A-ou and Un-ou, two ES members; Eclair pulls off a dangerous maneuver, and ends up in the hospital for her troubles.

11. Set/Free

Eclipse sends Eclair and Lumiere to help the Nobles quell a peasant revolt. At a demonstration, the Nobles kill some of the protestors! Outraged, Eclair and Lumiere defy their orders and attack the Noble's army. As a result, they're erased from the GOTT files and declared fugitives!

12. Frozen/Life

Cornered on a planet by the majority of GOTT's army, Eclair and Lumiere are inflicted with a virus that causes painful swelling and immobilizes them! Though Armbrust betrayed their location to GOTT, he gives them the vaccine and orders the army to let them escape.

13. Conflict/Destiny

With Eclair and Lumiere on the run, Eclipse sends A-ou and Un-ou out to kill them! The battle between the two takes place in space and on land, ending when both Lumiere and Un-ou badly wounded. Since they failed to kill the girls, A-ou and Un-ou have become fugitives as well.

14. Steel/Heart

Tweedledee and Tweedledum reluctantly infect Eclair and Lumiere's ship and mecha with the assassin program Hashish. They are now programmed to kill the two, but when the girls immobilize them, they self-destruct! The final line is drawn, and Eclair and Lumere decide to attack GOTT's headquarters.

15. Break/Down

The entire force of the ES team is ent against Eclair and Lumiere as they blow up the GOTT headquarters bit by bit. As if destroying the building wasn't enough, they also assassinate Eclipse!

16. Look/Back

A flashback details what Eclair was like when she first woke up i her most recent body, devoid of the memories from her past. In the present, Armbrust briefs his supervisor on the events leading up to the destruction of the GOTT building. They order him to keep an eye on Eclair now that she's assumed the role of vice-commander of GOTT.

17. Phantasm/Reborn

Eclair orders Sinistra and Dextera to train the newest ES members, who actually six teams of Eclair and Lumiere clones! Later, Eclair holds a press conference where she declares that GOTT will now be a more powerful force. Two mysterious motorcycle riders crash the meeting and speak out against Eclair and GOTT before making their escape.

18. Unmasked/Face

Eclair orders all available GOTT forces to kill the two riders. During the pursuit, two of the clones disobey her orders. When Eclair tries to kill the clones, the masked riders save them and reveal themselves as the real Eclair and Lumiere in new bodies.

19. Take/Revenge

Turns out that Alv Dvergr used their powers to absorb Eclair and Lumiere's powers and appearance. A long fight ensues and Eclipse, who's arrived with a newer model of Eclair's old ship, ends it by killing Alv and Dvergr! Though they weren't meant to live very long, the clones are given their own ships as a reward for helping during the fight.

20. Lost/Days

Lumiere passes out since she was having problems adjusting to her new body, with all the information she's gathered over her lives. Her dreams are a series of flashbacks detailing all the different lives Eclair and Lumiere had. When she wakes, she realizes that she's lost her ability to control machines!


Akira Ishida


Hirotaka Suzuoki


Kikuko Inoue


Omi Minami


Mika Doi


Aya Hirano


Natsuko Kuwatani


Ryoko Nagata


Ai Orikasa

Toshiyuki Morikawa

Questions and answers

Where can I watch Kiddy Grade?
You can watch Kiddy Grade on Crunchyroll.
Is Kiddy Grade available on Netflix?
Is Kiddy Grade on Netflix? No, this show is not available on Netflix in the US.
What is the plot of Kiddy Grade?
In Star century Zero-One-Sixty-Five, the Global Union was born. The G.O.T.T. was simultaneously formed to settle disputes amongst the member planets. Existing in the shadows, the ES Force serves as the primary law enforcement organization, seeing that the Galactic Organization’s orders are enforced. ES Force members Éclair and Lumiere are on the front line, pursuing all manner of criminals and bringing them to justice. This is their story.
How many episodes is Kiddy Grade?
There are 48 episodes and 2 seasons of Kiddy Grade.
Is Kiddy Grade series finished?
Yes, Kiddy Grade series is finished. 1. season was the last one.
Who is in the cast of Kiddy Grade?
Kiddy Grade cast is including:
Akira Ishida as Un-oh (48 episodes), Hirotaka Suzuoki as Dextera (48 episodes), Kikuko Inoue as Alv (48 episodes), Omi Minami as Dvergr (48 episodes), Mika Doi as Eclipse (48 episodes), Aya Hirano as Lumière (48 episodes), Natsuko Kuwatani as Tweedledee (48 episodes), Ryoko Nagata as Eclair (48 episodes), Ai Orikasa as (1 episode), Toshiyuki Morikawa as (1 episode)

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