The Cuphead Show!


The Cuphead Show!

Status: in production

Episodes: 11

1. The Devil's Revenge!

Without Mugman, Cuphead doesn't know what to do with himself. Can he strike a deal with the Devil to save his beloved brother and bring him home?


Frank Todaro

Mugman (voice)
Radio Announcer (voice)
Earthworm (voice)
Soul Ball Game Voice (voice)
Gluttony Demon (voice)
Eggplant Bouncer (voice)
Radio Announcer / Bus Stop Man (voice)

Tru Valentino

Cuphead (voice)
Game Show Announcer (voice)
Famine Demon / Demon 1 (voice)
Bee Cops (voice)

Dave Wasson

Henchman / Telephone (voice)
Henchman (voice)
Henchman / Telephone / Singing Demons (voice)
Henchman / Horseman #2 / Cyclops With Eyepatch (voice)
Prison Warden / Various Inmates (voice)
Henchman / Sammy Sandwich / Telephone / Elves (voice)
Saw Machine (voice)
Henchman / Carnival Barker / Demon 2 (voice)
Police Photographer (voice)
Ice Cream Man / Telephone (voice)
Henchman / Telephone / Screaming Ghoul / Guard (voice)
Trolley Conductor (voice)
Ice Cream Man (voice)
Bee Cop (voice)
Henchman / Policeman / Orphans (voice)

Grey DeLisle

Ms. Chalice (voice)
Dorris / Mrs. Mr. Mayor (voice)
Ms. Chalice / Screwdriver Lady (voice)
Nasally Operator (voice)
Old Woman (voice)
Emma (voice)
Doris / Old Lady (voice)
Ms. Chalice / Lil' Chalice / Orphans (voice)
Ms. Chalice / Screwdriver Clerk (voice)
Elves (voice)
Ms. Chalice / Screwdriver / Hildaberg (voice)

Cosmo Segurson

Porkrind (voice)
Elephant (voice)
Hot Dog (voice)
Chauncey (voice)
Burpy / Horseman #1 / Spider-Best / Scorpion Demons (voice)
Lefty (voice)
Elves / Demon (voice)
Elephant / Porkrind (voice)
Parrot (voice)

Joe Hanna

Elder Kettle (voice)
Sal (voice)

Andrew Morgado

Stickler (voice)
Sherman / Soda Jerk (voice)
Stickler / War Demon 1 (voice)
Sherman / Mr. Mayor (voice)
Stickler / Maze Attendant (voice)
Stickler / Stickler-Elf / Demon (voice)

Chris Wylde

Ribby (voice)

Rick Zieff

Croaks (voice)

Wayne Brady

King Dice (voice)

Keith Ferguson

Demon 1 / Demon 2 / Hippo (voice)
Light Bulb / Inkwell Residents (voice)
Bowlboy (voice)
Bowlboy / Light Bulb (voice)

Luke Millington-Drake

Devil (voice)
Devil / Goat Devil (voice)

Kimberly Brooks

Elephant Grandma (voice)

Cristina Milizia

Baby Bottle (voice)

Jim Conroy

Ollie (voice)
Duke / Jasper (voice)

Adam Paloian

Hippo Usher (voice)
Miss Cyclops / Harry (voice)

Natasia Demetriou

Cala Maria (voice)

Deeki Deke

Mailman (voice)
Sword (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams

Quadratus / War Demon 2 (voice)
Quadratus (voice)

Marcia Gay Harden

Sally Stageplay (voice)

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