Episodes: 5

1. Pressure Point (Japan Airlines Flight 123)

Just moments after takeoff, Japan Airlines Flight 123 experiences two explosions. The pilot is having trouble keeping the damaged Boeing 747 in the air. It plunges into the mountain. The accident becomes one of the deadliest accidents in aviation history. Investigators immediately suspect terrorism, but the remains tell a different story, threatening all 747 planes around the world.


Stephen Bogaert

Narrator (voice)

Von Flores

Lead Investigator
Ed Reyes
KNKT Investigator Nurcahyo
Captain Shah
First Officer Zuwaldi

Leon Aureus

First Officer Rachman
Nepalese Investigator
First Officer Susanto
Captain Rozaq
Lead Investigator

Jon De Leon

Indonesian Investigator
DFW Controller
First Officer Cyrano
First Officer Harvino

Daniel Park

Senior Investigator
Yukihiko Usui
Air Traffic Controller
Maintenance/Ground Engineer
KAIB Investigator

Jason Weinberg

Clint Crookshanks

Daniel Falk

Investigator Arvidsson
Mark Moscicki
First Officer Lee Bruecher
Air Traffic Controller

Redd Ochoa

NTSC Investigator
Captain Preeda Suttimai
Air Traffic Controller

Joseph Di Mambro

Captain Rafael Liberta
GRIAA Investigator Sabogal
Captain Jose Moreno
Sergio Benetti

Allen Keng

Asian Technician
Air Traffic Controller
Maintenance Engineer

Jason Faulkner

NTSB Investigator Joe Sedor
NTSB Investigator Sedor
Joseph Sedor
New York Controller #3

Marty Moreau

Flight Engineer Wahne
Phil Sleight
NTSB Investigator Pearce
Assistant Director, FBI, James Kallstrom

Dale Yim

Captain Lee Kang Kuk
Eddie Ho
First Officer Yoon
Air Traffic Controller

Genadijs Dolganovs

Captain Yablontsev
Sergei Kharlov (Navigator)
Lead Investigator
Yaroslav Kudrinsky

David Rosser

Judge Rene Foisy
Captain Moody
Captain MacQuarrie
JIAAC Investigator Horacio Larrosa

Bill Lake

Robert Benzon
FBI Special Agent
Captain Maus
Captain McBroom

Glen McDonald

Lt. Colonel Fernando Camargo
TSB Investigator Chaulk
ATC Supervisor Patrick

Ken Pak

Captain Yu
Air Traffic Controller
ASC Investigator

Darrin Baker

NTSB Investigator John DeLisi
NTSB Investigator Evan Byrne

Dan MacKay

Jim Caruso
Dennis Kemper
NTSB Investigator

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