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Star Wars: The Bad Batch


Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Episodes: 16

1. Spoils of War (1)

The Bad Batch plans a risky heist.


Dee Bradley Baker

The Bad Batch (voice)

Michelle Ang

Omega (voice)

Noshir Dalal

Vice Admiral Rampart (voice)
Stormtrooper / Vice Admiral Rampart (voice)
Pantoran Security / Vice Admiral Rampart (voice)
Passenger / Vice Admiral Rampart (voice)
Scrapper #1 / Vice Admiral Rampart (voice)

Rhea Perlman

Cid (voice)

Liam O'Brien

Bolo (voice)
Bolo / Tactical Droid (voice)
Bolo / Scrapper (voice)
Bolo / Captured Falleen / Raney (voice)
Bolo / Pyke (voice)

Sam Riegel

Ketch (voice)
Factory Worker #2 / Ketch (voice)
Ketch / Masked Guard #1 (voice)
Ketch / Vendor (voice)
Ketch / Zygerrian #2 (voice)

Gwendoline Yeo

Nala Se (voice)
Fighter #2 / Nala Se (voice)

Bob Bergen

Lama Su (voice)
Lama Su / Scrapper #2 (voice)

Ben Diskin

AZI-3 (voice)

Matthew Wood

Battle Droids (voice)
Bib Fortuna / Zygerrian #1 (voice)
Battle Droids / Factory Worker #1 / PA Voice (voice)

Corey Burton

Gobi Glie (voice)
Cad Bane (voice)
Cad Bane / Scrapper #3 (voice)

Stephen Stanton

Admiral Tarkin / Fighter #1 (voice)
Admiral Tarkin (voice)
Tarkin (voice)

Daheli Hall

ES-04 (voice)

Shelby Young

Lenk (voice)
Captain Bragg / Patron (voice)
PA Voice / Tactical Droid (voice)

Tina Huang

ES-02 (voice)

Ness Bautista

ES-03 (voice)

Ming-Na Wen

Fennec Shand (voice)

Seth Green

Todo 360 (voice)

Jonathan Lipow

Ordo Moon Dragon / Refugee
Announcer / Jet Venim (voice)

Robin Atkin Downes

Cham Syndulla (voice)

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