Spider-Man Unlimited


Spider-Man Unlimited

Episodes: 13

1. Worlds Apart (1)

After the discovery of Counter-Earth, a very Earth like planet in the same orbit on the oposite side of the sun, John Jameson is sent on the first manned mission to it. But while covering the launch, Peter sees Venom and Carnage enter the shuttle. He tries to stop them, but fails and ends up taking the blame for the assumed loss of the shuttle and gets a bounty on his head. Then, when a plea for help from a John Jameson on Counter-Earth is recived, Peter sees the only way to clear Spider-Man's name as hijacking a new shuttle and go to Counter-Earth himself...


Rino Romano

Peter Parker / Spider-Man (voice)

Kathleen Barr

Alice / Prima (voice)

Jim Byrnes

Fire Drake (voice)

Garry Chalk

Mr. Meugniot (voice)

Paul Dobson

The Hunter (voice)

Brian Drummond

Eddie Brock / Venom (voice)

Michael Donovan

Cletus Kasady / Carnage (voice)

Christopher Gaze

Daniel Bromely (voice)

Ron Halder

Sir Ram (voice)

Jennifer Hale


Kim Hawthorne

Karen O'Malley (voice)

Rhys Huber

Shane Yamada-Jones (voice)

Janyse Jaud


Blu Mankuma


Scott McNeil

Man-Wolf (voice)

Akiko Morison

Naoko Yamada-Jones (voice)

Richard Newman

High Evolutionary (voice)

John Payne

John Jameson (voice)

Tasha Simms

Lady Ursula (voice)

David Sobolov

Lord Tyger (voice)

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