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Episodes: 8

1. First Bottle

Richard Sackler begins to launch a powerful new painkiller, a rural doctor is introduced to the drug, a coal miner plans her future, a DEA Agent learns of blackmarket pills, and federal prosecutors decide to open a case into OxyContin.


Michael Keaton

Samuel Finnix

Peter Sarsgaard

Rick Mountcastle

Michael Stuhlbarg

Richard Sackler

Kaitlyn Dever

Betsy Mallum

Will Poulter

Billy Cutler

Rosario Dawson

Bridget Meyer

John Hoogenakker

Randy Ramseyer

Will Chase

Michael Friedman

Mare Winningham

Diane Mallum

Ian Unterman

Jonathan Sackler

Jake McDorman

John Brownlee

Phillipa Soo

Amber Collins

Brendan Patrick Connor

Howard Udell

Andrea Frankle

Beth Sackler

Arischa Conner

Leah Turner

Winsome Brown

Theresa Sackler

Andres Erickson

Mortimer D.A. Sackler

Jaime Ray Newman

Kathe Sackler

Lawrence Arancio

Raymond Sackler

Raúl Esparza

Paul Mendelson

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