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Episodes: 6

1. The Mindkiller

Within every Hellspawn, a battle is waged. What scraps of humanity can they hold on to? What master do they serve? A withered man crawls among the bugs in a cell muttering, don't let the demons take you. In the alley, a battle takes place within Spawn's tormented mind. Cogliostro is aware of the battle. He has was once a Hellspawn himself and he tells Spawn that he must choose which master he serves. For as long as Spawn lives a life of violence, he serves Malebolgia. Four street punks, Petey, Bobbie, Frankie and their college-going friend Joey are out for a night on the town. But things have changed. The youths are on the verge of becoming men, and for some men, this change comes with the spilling of blood. After a hit, Joey panics and says he'll go to the cops. Now he must be killed as well, and the task is handed to Frankie, Joey's best friend. It's a test. Kill the potential squealer, become a man. Spawn and Cogliostro attempt to intercede. Spawn wants the punks gone. Cogliostro


Michael McShane

Twitch Williams (voice)

Keith David

Spawn (voice)

Richard Dysart

Nicholas Cogliostro (voice)

Dominique Jennings

Wanda Blake (voice)

James Keane

Sam Burke (voice)

John Rafter Lee

Jason Wynn (voice)

Todd McFarlane

Michael Nicolosi

Clown (voice)

Victor Love

Terry Fitzgerald (voice)

Michael Beach

Terry Fitzgerald (voice)

Ronny Cox

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Kath Soucie

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